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Last week, the American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department (AKC GR) issued an alert announcing that bills known as Nero’s Law were favorably released by the Massachusetts Joint Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee (JPSHSC).  HB 2547 and SB 1606, would both allow emergency care and transportation for a police dog injured in the line of duty.  SB 1606 has been sent to Senate Ways and Means Committee and HB 2547 has been sent to the House Ways and Means Committee for consideration.

Moving legislation through Ways and Means committees can be a lot like trying to travel down the Southeast Expressway in Boston at rush hour because most bills with a favorable committee report are sent there!  As such, AKC encourages Massachusetts residents to join AKC in bringing attention to these bills and urging their passage.

Emails are needed NOW to focus attention on protecting police K-9s with passage of Nero’s Law.

  1. Search “Massachusetts State Legislature”, then click the bottom left button, “Find My Legislator”.
  2. Identify your legislators by tapping the map where you live or entering your street address, city/town, and ZIP code.
  3. Click on your state representative and senator’s name to get their email address.
  4. Send an email to both with the subject line “Pass Nero’s Law” and these comments:
    1. 3 states have adopted these protections for police K-9s since Yarmouth Sgt. Sean Gannon was killed and his police K-9 Nero suffered career ending injuries in 2018
    2. More than 200 police K-9s work in Massachusetts, and
    3. List the town where you are registered to vote.

AKC GR will continue with updates on the progress of Nero’s Law.  For more information on this or other legislative issues in Massachusetts, contact AKC GR at 919-816-3720 or; or the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners at