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This morning, the Chicago proposal that would have essentially banned hobby breeding and eliminate pet store consumer protection was held for consideration.

During the full City Council meeting, Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Roderick Sawyer announced that Proposal O2020-2827 was being held in committee, thereby delaying the vote that was expected today.

AKC Government Relations thanks those who took the time to contact the Aldermen to express concerns on the many far-reaching consequences of this proposal.

We encourage Chicago residents to do the following:

  • Thank Chairman Roderick Sawyer for his leadership in holding the bill. Let him know you are a dog owner (or hobby breeder) in Chicago and appreciate him allowing more time to ensure all sides of the issue are considered:
    Ward Office Phone: (773) 768-8138
    City Office Phone: (312) 744-3078
  • Contact your City Alderman and respectfully request they join you in opposing the ordinance as currently written. Let them know you are a hobbyist and explain how this would impact you and your breeding program, the steps you take to ensure the health of your dogs, and what you do to ensure the dogs you breed are placed in good homes.  Ask that they work with animal experts to ensure a more effective, reasonable approach to this issue.

    To find the contact information of your city alderman, click here and enter your address.

AKC Government Relations and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners will continue to work with stakeholders and the City Council on this issue.  For more information, contact