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February 22, 2019

A bill has been brought forward by New Mexico kennel clubs that would allow first responders to perform certain emergency veterinary procedures (such as CPR, bandaging wounds, and opening airways) when it is immediately necessary.

House Bill 598 is pending in the House State Government, Elections, & Indian Affairs Committee.  Those who reside or participate in dog events in New Mexico are encouraged to contact the committee and express support for this bill and ask the committee to schedule it for a hearing.


House Bill 598 is similar to laws passed in 25 other states that allow first responders to perform certain emergency veterinary procedures to immediately treat a dog or cat and provide them with critical care in emergency situations.  This would include administering CPR or oxygen, immobilizing fractured or injured limbs, and bandaging wounds.  It would also allow them to administer certain medications (such as emergency treatment for police dogs after accidental inhalation or ingestion of opioids) when done in accordance with written veterinary protocol or in consultation with a veterinarian.

AKC appreciates the efforts made by the Rio Grande Kennel Club and other New Mexico clubs to present this bill to the legislature, which will allow dogs and cats to receive critical care in emergency situations.  We also commend the Rio Grande Kennel Club for their commitment to work with other New Mexico clubs to donate dog and cat resuscitation kits to first responders throughout the state.

What You Can Do:

First, contact the sponsors of HB 598 to thank them for sponsoring this important and helpful legislation.

Representative Karen C. Bash
Phone: (505) 986-4210


Representative Joanne J. Ferrary

Phone: (505) 986-4438


Representative Christine Trujillo

Phone: (505) 986-4435


Then, contact the members of the House State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee.  Express your support for House Bill 598 and request the bill be scheduled for a hearing.  Click on the names below for additional contact information:

Chair Georgene Louis
(505) 986-4329

Vice Chair D. Wonda Johnson
(505) 986-4433

Rep. Gail Chasey
(505) 986-4411

Rep. Daymon Ely
(505) 986-4432

Rep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil
(505) 986-4336

Rep. Derrick Lente
(505) 986-4341

Rep. Greg Nibert
(505) 986-4211

Rep. Bill Rehm
(505) 986-4214

Rep. Martin Zamora
(505) 986-4211

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor this bill and provide more information as it becomes available.  For questions, contact AKC GR at