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The Louisville Metro Council has approved changes to their animal control ordinance. The proposal was amended by the full council to remove the breed-specific language. However, the measure will still negatively impact fanciers, breeders and responsible dog owners by enacting pet limits, requiring expensive intact animal licenses and inspections of home kennels. Concerned dog owners are asked to contact Mayor Jerry Abramson and request a veto of this punitive and restrictive legislation.

Mayor Jerry Abramson
Phone: 502.574.2003

The Metro Council meeting held on December 19th lasted until the wee hours of the morning and several amendments were approved. A revised draft is not yet available from the metro government attorney. Please monitor the AKC website as we will post an update detailing the specifics of the measure as soon as the final document is made available.

The Louisville Kennel Club has worked tirelessly to oppose this measure and we intend to continue to fight its implementation. The American Kennel Club and the Louisville Kennel Club are asking fanciers to not consider a boycott of the 2007 cluster, the local, regional or national specialties in Louisville. The Louisville Kennel Club will be posting updates as they become available regarding the proposed Louisville Metro Dog Ordinance.


Joe Riney, Chairman
Board of Directors
Louisville Kennel Club


[Tuesday, December 12, 2006]

Louisville Metro Council to Vote on BSL, Limit Laws and Breeder Licensing – Action Needed Now!

On Monday, the Louisville Government Administration, Rules, Ethics and Audit Committee approved changes to the animal control ordinance which include breed-specific legislation, a limit law and restrictions on breeders and dog owners. The ordinance will be voted on by the full Metro Council on December 19th. This ordinance will have a devastating effect on dog owners and breeders in Louisville and may have a dramatic impact on the Kentuckiana Cluster, the largest dog show cluster in the country. Fanciers, breeders and concerned dog owners are urged to immediately contact their representative on the Metro Council and to attend the meeting next week.

What: Louisville Metro Council Meeting
When: 6pm Tuesday, December 19th
Where: Metro Council Chambers – 3rd Floor City Hall, 601 West Jefferson Street

The legislation proposes breed specific restrictions for “pit bulls,” defined as American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Cane Corsos, Presa Canarios, Dogue de Bordeauxs, Dogo Argentinos or any dog having the appearance and characteristics of these breeds. Breed determinations and dangerous dog designations are made by Director of Metro Animal Services and appeal is to the Secretary of Public Works. There is no opportunity to go to court! The Louisville Kennel Club and concerned dog owners have suggested the formation of an Animal Control Advisory Board to hear appeals and to assist the department in drafting regulations.

A $100 unaltered pit bull license is required, even for dogs in Louisville for less than 30 days. Owners would also have to provide proof of insurance in Kentucky, prove that the dog has a microchip and register the animal with Metro Animal Services. Therefore, show participants with these breeds would be forced to obtain a $100 license!

The ordinance institutes the following changes for all animal owners:

  • Limits the number of dogs residents may own as follows; 3 dogs for parcels less than a half acre, and 7 dogs when the parcel is between half an acre and two acres.
  • Requires all puppies and kittens to be licensed at birth.
  • Establishes a $9 license fee for spayed/neutered animals; the fee for intact animals is set at $45. There is a $63 breeding domestic pet license listed in the fee structure, but it is not defined, nor is it mentioned elsewhere in the proposal.


The proposed ordinance further requires breeders obtain a $150 Class A Kennel License and residents who compete in conformation, performance, agility or other events must obtain a $100 Class B Kennel License. These permits only allow for five or fewer dogs. Persons who obtain a kennel license must allow an inspection of their property by animal control and comply with a host of regulations including building requirements and specified maintenance.

Additionally, there are serious concerns regarding the definition of a nuisance in the proposed ordinance. For example, the proposal defines a nuisance as “any act of an animal or its owner which irritates, perturbs.” AKC believes that strong, enforceable nuisance provisions are essential to good animal control laws, but the definitions need to be specific, objective and enforceable. The statements in this proposal do not meet those criteria.

Fanciers who have attended the Kentuckiana Cluster shows are asked to contact Metro Council officials and advise them as to how the adoption of this ordinance would affect your decision to attend the cluster in the future. Economic arguments are especially persuasive and fanciers are asked to detail their spending at the shows including lodging, restaurants, gasoline and other purchases made in the area. Click here for a list of Louisville Metro Council members.

The Louisville Kennel Club has been working diligently to oppose this ordinance, but the help of all fanciers and concerned dog owners is urgently needed! You can contact the Louisville Kennel Club directly at for more information.

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The Louisville Metro Council has approved changes to their animal control…