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August 16, 2019

A Special Meeting has been called in Alachua County on August 20, 2019 to authorize advertisement of a proposal that seeks to recommend “commercial”, “hobby”, and “breeders” of dogs to be permitted, regulated, and subjected to warrantless inspections.  Differential animal licensing [generally, this means higher fees for unsterilized animals] and other regulations and requirements are also under consideration.

Concerned citizens are urged to both attend the meeting and to contact their elected officials in Alachua County to discuss the proposal. 

As stated in the meeting agenda, the recommended action is to authorize advertisement of an ordinance establishing a Breeder’s License program with the following standards:

Differential licensing for all animals with costs established in the fee schedule, to curb ‘accidental breeders’ and incentivize sterilization

 A breeder’s permit program for hobby and commercial breeders of dogs subject to:

 Retention of all veterinary and transaction records for 1 year from sale;

  • Consent to inspections of premises housing breeding operations and animals;
  • Standards of husbandry and veterinary care for animals;
  • Maximum number of adult intact animals at a breeding facility;
  • Fees (established by fee schedule) depending on intensity of breeding

Click here to view the Alachua County meeting calendar, then click on links for the 8/20/19 Special Meeting to view the agenda and links to documents.

Attend the Special Meeting to learn more about the proposal and provide citizen input.

Alachua County Special Meeting on Animal Ordinance & Enforcement/FY 20 Budget

August 20, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

Grace Knight Conference Room

12 SE 1st Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601

Contact and meet with County Commissioners to discuss the purpose of the proposal and how it could affect the availability of quality, purpose-bred dogs in the community.

Click here for contact information for members of the Board of County Commissioners.

Charles “Chuck” Chestnut, IV, Chair,

Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson, Vice Chair,

Mike Byerly,

Marihelen Wheeler,

Ken Cornell,

AKC Government Relations continues to closely follow this proposal.  For more information, please contact