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An ordinance that would limit pet choice in Lexington/Fayette County, Kentucky, could receive a final vote on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. At this time, the council is scheduled to review the 2025 budget at its June 11 meeting. Additional council business, if any, has not yet been posted to the council calendar. If the proposed pet shop ordinance does not appear on the June 11 agenda, it likely will be considered later this month.

What you can do:  Residents of Lexington/Fayette County who are concerned about additional infringements on their ability to obtain a puppy or dog from a source of their choice are encouraged to contact their urban council members and ask them to consider an alternate measure.

Urge council members to instead enact an ordinance that requires pet shops to obtain dogs from demonstrably humane sources. Ask them to support alternate language that requires pet shops to source dogs and cats from USDA licensed breeders that have not committed a direct violation of USDA animal welfare regulations, or three or more indirect violations of USDA regulations related to the health or welfare of an animal, in the last two years.

Retail pet shop sales restrictions problematically:
Reduce opportunities for residents to obtain a pet that comes from a known and federally regulated source;

  • Incentivize the expansion of largely unregulated “retail rescue” businesses that  acquire, distribute, and offer for sale/adoption random-source animals of often unknown health and temperament;
  • Undermine protections for pets and pet owners in states that have or are considering enactment of consumer protections laws (“Puppy Lemon Laws”).

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 For additional information, please contact the American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department at