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The Denver City Council will soon consider whether to allow voters to decide the future of the city’s long-standing breed ban.

The new proposal would allow “pit bulls” in the city, so long as owners obtain an annual “breed-restricted” permit and keep no more than two “pit bulls” in a residence at any time.  Animal control may inspect the dog and premises “at reasonable times, with reasonable notice” to determine sanitary and health conditions.

If an owner has 36 months without any violations of any portion of the city’s animal control laws, then the city may allow the owner to apply for a regular dog license and no longer obtain the annual breed-restricted permit.

Earlier this year, an attempt to modify the city’s breed ban laws was vetoed by the mayor.  This new proposal is a response by several members of the council to take the issue directly to the voters and allow them to decide the issue in November 2020.

Read the full proposal for more information.  Visit the Breed-Specific/Dangerous Dog Laws key issue page in the AKC Legislative Action Center for talking points on this issue.

What You Can Do:

The Denver City Council is expected to vote soon on putting this measure on the November 2020 ballot.  The next council meeting is August 17, 2020.

Those who wish to communicate with the council on this issue may email, or use the city’s “Find Your Council District” tool to find the name and contact information for your city council member.

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor this issue and provide updates.  For more information, contact AKC GR at doglaw@akc.ogr.