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On April 27, the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee will consider Assembly Bill 702 – a bill that would mandate licensing for all breeders as commercial enterprises and create many new vague, unnecessary, and arbitrary regulations that could be difficult for hobby breeders – especially those who live in residential areas – to meet.

AKC is working hard to communicate with the committee members and we know many breeders have already reached out, but we need your help!  We understand that members are getting dozens of calls every day from supporters, claiming this bill will solve issues with shelter population and irresponsible breeders.

It is essential that over the next two weeks the committee members hear the truth from breeders, California clubs, parent clubs, sportsmen, and purebred dog owners: This bill is vague, unnecessary, and unenforceable.  It punishes responsible law-abiding breeders and purebred dog owners while those who are already breaking current laws will continue to do so.  It also seeks to solve a problem that doesn’t exist – as shelter population is steadily declining in the state, according to data from the National Animal Interest Alliance.

We urge AKC Parent clubs, AKC California-based clubs, California breeders, and purebred dog owners to take the following actions TODAY:

  • Call each member of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee and simply ask them to oppose Assembly Bill 702. Consider using our model phone scripts for breeders and dog owners. Be sure to mention if you are a California resident – and especially if you are a constituent.  Use the following contact list for the phone numbers for each committee member’s office.
  • Submit written testimony on Assembly Bill 702. Visit and follow the simple steps to create an account.  Once an account is created, you can upload a letter from you or your club that will be made publicly available to committee members.  Use our sample letter for breeders and clubs, or dog owners as a reference to create your own.
  • Email each member of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee and ask them to oppose Assembly Bill 702. Be sure to mention if you are a California resident or are a constituent when emailing them.  You can use the sample letter above, or reference our previous alert and choose bullet points to create an email.  Use the following contact list to copy and paste the email addresses for each committee member.
  • Let AKC GR know of specific conversations/responses you receive. Email us at and let us know of conversations/comments/responses you receive from committee members and staff.
  • Forward this to at least 5 colleagues/fellow exhibitors/dog owners and ask them to take action. Consider talking to those who have bought a dog from you; students and fellow participants from training, handling or agility classes; co-owners; etc.  Encourage them to use our model phone scripts and sample letters above to contact the committee.  You may also print the sample letters and contact information to distribute at shows, classes, etc.

AKC Government Relations continues to join you in fighting this proposal and will continue to provide updates as they are available.  For questions, contact AKC GR at