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The Senate Appropriations Committee analysis on Senate Bill 250 asserts that the bill may impose significant costs on both state and local governments in the short term and therefore the bill has been placed on the Suspense File. All bills that are projected to cost more than $150,000 are sent to the Suspense File. Staff and legislators then review these bills together and determine which bills will be released to the committee and then to the floor for a vote.

If you or your club have not yet contacted your Senator to oppose SB 250, please do so as soon as possible. The Senate Appropriations Committee will hold a special hearing to review the Suspense File prior to the fiscal deadline on May 29th. No testimony will be allowed at the Suspense hearing.

What You Can Do:

  • Please contact your State Senator and ask him or her to oppose SB 250. Please personalize this sample letter. To find out who represents you in the State Senate, please click here.
  • Encourage your club to send a letter opposing SB 250. Please click here for a sample letter for your club to personalize.
  • Send your letters to the author and members of the Senate Appropriations Committee.


Senator Dean Florez (Author)
State Capitol, Room 313
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4016
Fax:  (916) 327-5989

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair)
State Capitol, Room 5050
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4039
Fax:  (916) 327-2188

Senator Dave Cox (Vice Chair)
State Capitol, Room 2068
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4001
Fax:  (916) 324-2680

Senator Ellen Corbett
State Capitol, Room 5108
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:(916) 651-4010
Fax: (916) 327-2433

Senator Jeff Denham
State Capitol, Room 3076
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4012
Fax: (916) 445-0773

Senator Mark DeSaulnier
State Capitol, Room 2054
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 651-4007
Fax:  (916) 445-2527

Senator Loni Hancock
State Capitol, Room 3092
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 651-4009
Fax: (916) 327-1997

Senator Mark Leno
State Capitol, Room 4061
Sacramento,  CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4003
Fax:  (916) 445-4722

Senator Jenny Oropeza
State Capitol, Room 5114
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4028
Fax: (916) 323-6056

Senator George Runner
State Capitol, Room 4090
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4017
Fax: (916) 445-4662

Senator Mimi Walters
State Capitol, Room 3082
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4033
Fax: (916) 445-9754

Senator Lois Wolk
State Capitol, Room 4032
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4005
Fax:  (916) 323-2304

Senator Mark Wyland
State Capitol, Room 4048
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4038
Fax: (916) 446-7382

Senator Leland Yee
State Capitol, Room 4074
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4008
Fax: (916) 327-2186

The Senate Appropriations Committee analysis on Senate Bill 250 asserts that the bill may impose…

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