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A problematic proposed animal ordinance that was scheduled to receive a second vote on April 18 has been deferred until the May 2, 2023, meeting of the Nashville/Davidson County Metropolitan Council. In response to constituent feedback, certain council members are working on potential amendments to the ordinance.

What you can do:

Concerned residents are urged to continue respectfully asking Metro Council Members to VOTE NO on the proposed animal ordinance until all concerns are addressed and resolved. Please scroll down for contact information.

Concerns with the proposed ordinance include, but are not limited to:

  • Tramples the privacy rights of animal owners by authorizing animal care and control to “inspect the premises where animals are kept to ensure that owners or keepers are providing minimum care and facilities,” including inspection of private residences. AKC advocates that access to private property should be conducted only with the approval of the resident, or if the resident refuses access, pursuant to a properly obtained warrant.
  • Defines “at large” as meaning any animal (excluding domestic cats) that is not physically restrained on an owner’s or keeper’s premises, including motorized vehicles, in a manner that physically prevents the animal from leaving the premises. Under this definition, a dog not physically restrained but never leaves its owner’s property would be illegally at large and subject to impoundment, while the owner would be subject to a misdemeanor offense.
  • Defines “extreme weather conditions” as certain arbitrary high and low temperatures that do not consider an animal’s species, breed, age, health, condition, or acclimation. It further defines certain weather forecasts as “extreme” and “life-threatening” regardless of whether such conditions actually occur where the animal is located or result in any harm to the animal.
  • Authorizes unelected personnel to set fees that may function as penalties. Under current law, impoundment and boarding fees are enacted by the Metro Council. Current law sets fees at $50 per impoundment and $18.00 per day for boarding. The proposed ordinance authorizes the board of health to set and change such fees without limitation and without prior approval by the elected Metro Council. 

Council Members’ Contact Information:

Vice Mayor Jim Shulman, 615-584-1082,
At-Large 1 Bob Mendes, 615-432-1341,
At-Large 2 Sharon Hurt, 615-432-1342,
At-Large 3 Burkley Allen, 615-432-1343
At-Large 5 Zulfat Suara, 615-432-1345,
Dist. 1 Jonathan Hall, 615-432-1301,
Dist. 2 Kyonzte Toombs, 615-432-1302,
Dist. 3 Jennifer Gamble, 615-432-1303,
Dist. 4 Robert Swope, 615-432-1304,
Dist. 5 Sean Parker, 615-432-1305,
Dist. 6 Brett Withers, 615-432-1306,
Dist. 7 Emily Benedict, 615-432-1307,
Dist. 8 Nancy VanReece, 615-432-1308,
Dist. 9 Tonya Hancock, 615-432-1309,
Dist. 10 Zach Young, 615-432-1310,
Dist. 11 Larry Hagar, 615-432-1311,
Dist. 12 Erin Evans, 615-432-1312,
Dist. 13 Russ Bradford, 615-432-1313,
Dist. 14 Kevin Rhoten, 615-432-1314,
Dist. 15 Jeff Syracuse, 615-432-1315,
Dist. 16 Ginny Welsch, 615-432-1316,
Dist. 17 Colby Sledge, 615-432-1317,
Dist. 18 Tom Cash, 615-432-1318,
Dist. 19 Freddie O’Connell, 615-432-1319,
Dist. 20 Mary Carolyn Roberts, 615-432-1320,
Dist. 21 Brandon Taylor, 615-432-1321,
Dist. 22 Gloria Hausser, 615-432-1322,
Dist. 23 Thom Druffel, 615-432-1323,
Dist. 24 Kathleen Murphy, 615-432-1324,
Dist. 25 Russ Pulley, 615-432-1325,
Dist. 26 Courtney Johnston, 615-432-1326,
Dist. 27 Bob Nash, 615-423-1327,
Dist. 28 Tanaka Vercher, 615-432-1328,
Dist. 29 Delishia Porterfield, 615-432-1329,
Dist. 30 Sandra Sepulveda, 615-432-1330,
Dist. 31 John Rutherford, 615-432-1331,
Dist. 32 Joy Styles, 615-432-1332,
Dist. 33 Antoinette Lee, 615-432-1333,
Dist. 34 Angie Henderson, 615-432-1334,
Dist. 35 Dave Rosenberg, 615-432-1335, 615-208-7129,

For additional information, please contact American Kennel Club Government Relations at 919-816-3720 or