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Title Recognition Program

Search and Rescue

The skills of search and rescue (SAR) dogs can mean the difference between life and death, especially during natural disasters, mass casualty events, and when locating missing people. We are proud to honor the invaluable service of these dogs and their owners through our Search and Rescue Title program.

Title recognition is offered for FEMA certified Urban Search and Rescue dogs, as well as Wilderness Search and Rescue dogs. These titles may be added to your dog’s record and you may receive an AKC Title Certificate honoring your dog’s accomplishments.

  • Get Started +

    It’s simple to apply for a SAR title: Just fill out this application and:

    • If you’re applying for the SAR title, include a copy of your dog’s FEMA or SUSAR certification document.
    • If you’re applying for the Wilderness SAR title (SAR-W), include a copy of the certificate that verifies your dog’s participation in five (5) wilderness SAR Efforts.

  • Eligibility +

    To be eligible for an Urban SAR titles (SAR-U), your dog must be:

    • Certified as FEMA or State Urban Search and Rescue (SUSAR) Type I deployable dogs, and can earn the SAR-U1 title.
    • Certified as FEMA and SUSAR Type II deployable dogs, and can earn the SAR-U2 title.

    To be eligible for a Wilderness SAR title (SAR-W), your dog must have:

    • Participated in a minimum of five (5) actual wilderness SAR efforts
    • Been certified by an AKC recognized SAR certification organization will be eligible for the SAR-W title.

    In order for dogs to receive a title, owners must have a dog number in our records so the titling information can be recorded. See the types of numbers available and which one best fits your situation.

    • AKC Registration Number – This number is provided to a dog owner via a registration certificate received from the previous owner, or via a puppy registration paper given to the new owner by the breeder.
    • Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) – If a dog is purebred but an AKC Registration Number is not possible, owners can apply for PAL number.
    • AKC Canine Partners Number – This number is given to either mixed breed dogs or a purebred.
    • Foundation Stock Service®(FSS) Number – This number is used for breeds whose status is currently in the foundational stage of being recorded into our registry and requires a copy of the dog’s pedigree.

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