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Yesterday, the Oregon Secretary of State certified that a measure regulating firearms collected enough petition signatures to appear on the ballot for November 2022.

Those who participate in certain hunt tests, field trials, and other humane animal events that use firearms should review Oregon Ballot Measure 114 to understand the impact and new requirements it may include for those that participate in these events.

Please note this this ballot initiative should not be confused with  Oregon Initiative Petition 3, which seeks to ban hunting, as well as some breeding and training practices.  Supporters of IP3 are beginning the signature collection process to place that initiative on the 2024 ballot.  Read AKC’s previous alert for more information on IP3.


Oregon Ballot Measure 114, known as the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act”, seeks to regulate the sales, purchase, transfer, and restriction of certain firearms in the state.

Current Oregon law defines “firearm” as “a weapon, by whatever name known, which is designed to expel a projectile by the action of powder.”  Ballot Measure 114 may be of interest to some participants in performance events, as it would require a permit for those who wish to purchase firearms or transfer ownership of firearms that meet this definition.  Requirements for obtaining a “permit-to-purchase” would include the following:

  • Completion of a firearm safety course meeting specific requirements outlined in the measure (this can be completed online, if it is taught by an instructor approved by law enforcement), and an in-person demonstration of the ability to properly use and store a firearm. Those who have completed a training course for security guards, investigators, or law enforcement (including reserve law enforcement), must ensure the course meets the standards outlined in the ballot measure.
  • Completion of a permit-to-purchase application, including a background check, fingerprinting, and a photograph to determine whether the applicant qualifies to possess a firearm. The permit is good for five years, and there is an appeals process for permits that are denied. This permit would also be required for anyone conducting a private transfer or sale of a firearm that meets the current definition.

Ballot Measure 114 includes a number of requirements that will be considered when evaluating a permit-to-purchase application, and also contains a separate section regarding ownership of firearms with certain magazine capacities.

Those who participate in performance events that use firearms as defined in Oregon law should review the full proposal to understand potential new requirements if the ballot measure is approved in November 2022.