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Despite opposition from the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs (MassFed), and the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation (CSF), and an ongoing global health pandemic, two identical Massachusetts bills have again been granted extended time for legislative committee consideration – until May 8, 2020.

Massachusetts dog laws already provide for civil fines and criminal sanctions when dogs are not provided adequate food, water, and shelter.  HB 1822 and SB 989 are identical bills that would further prohibit the confinement of dogs outside and unattended for longer than 15 minutes irrespective of adequate shelter (including outdoor kennels), food, and water.  Proponents have testified this legislation is needed to address animal hoarding situations, by inserting domestic livestock animals into the state’s dog law provisions allowing the issuing of fines.   There are many groups that support this legislation and one has now hired a professional lobbying firm.   While all breeds would be negatively impacted by this legislation, performance breeds in the course of their work would be significantly harmed.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  These are the reasons why it is so important that parent clubs and Massachusetts local clubs write the committee chairmen in opposition to HB 1822 and SB 989 as currently worded and request the bills be sent to study.

Click here to go to AKC’s Legislative Action Center to send a personalized email on your behalf and/or your club’s in opposition to these bills.  Sample language is provided there for your convenience. Thank you.

Need assistance or more information?  Contact AKC Government Relations at