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The Kansas House Agriculture Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Tuesday, January 30, that would increase the license fees for many who are regulated under the Kansas Pet Animal Act.

The bill would also change the license year from ending on June 30 to ending on September 30.


The Kansas Pet Animal Act regulates many who breed, sell, board, or train animals and requires annual licenses for those activities.  House Bill 2477 proposes fee increases as follows:

  • Hobby breeder licensees (premises where all or part of 3-5 litters are produced for sale and less than 30 animals are sold per year) – increased fee from $95 to $250
  • Boarding/training kennel licensees – increased fee from $95 to $250
  • Current USDA licensees – increased fee from $200 to $450
  • Animal shelters/pounds – increased fee from $300 to $550
  • “Other premises” (breeders, distributors, pet stores, etc. that do not fall into one of the other categories) – increased fee from $405 to $600

In addition, the bill would now require that if someone falls into more than one category, then additional licenses must be purchased.  The cost would be the most expensive license, plus $50 for each additional license.

Those who wish to comment on House Bill 2477 may contact the Kansas House Agriculture Committee by visiting the committee web page and clicking on the member names.