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As we previously reported, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed Senate Bill 3041.  With a conditional veto, the Governor dictates changes he would like to see made to a bill that has been passed by the legislature.  The Governor’s conditional veto of S.3041 incorporates all the changes requested by AKC and like-minded organizations, including NAIA and PIJAC. 

The legislature can now either accept the changes, attempt to override the Governor’s veto, or refuse to accept the changes and let the bill die.  The principal sponsor of S.3041, State Senator Raymond Lesniak, has publicly stated he intends to lead a vote to overturn the Governor’s conditional veto.  He will likely propose an override to be voted on by the State Senate on Thursday, May 25th. 

It is imperative that all New Jersey residents contact their state senator and respectfully urge them to vote against any proposal to override the Governor’s conditional veto of S.3041.  Click here to go to the AKC online Legislative Action Center, which provides an easy-to-use way to contact your lawmakers with customizable messages sent directly from you. 


  • Allows for the 2015 changes to the laws dealing with New Jersey’s Pet Purchase Protection Act, which were supported unanimously by the legislature, to take full effect. 
  • Protects New Jersey citizens’ access to the pets of their choice. 
  • Provides reasonable amendments to the state’s definition of “pet dealer”, including (in addition to other qualifications) applying to only those located in New Jersey who are required to be licensed by the USDA.  This change appropriately reflects public policy designed to focus on and regulate those participating in a typical commercial channel. 
  • Preserves consumer and public health protections for New Jersey pet purchasers.

AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) will continue to provide additional information and calls to action regarding S.3041.  For more information, contact AKC GR at; or Jeffrey Ball with the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs at