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March 4, 2019

The Texas Senate Committee on Business & Commerce is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 5, on a bill that would allow dogs in outdoor eating establishments, with permission from the business owner.

The AKC supports SB 476, as it allows responsible dog owners more opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and socialization with their well-behaved pets while allowing individual businesses to decide whether they want to allow dogs.

Texas residents and those who participate in events in Texas are encouraged to contact the Committee on Business & Commerce prior to the hearing on Tuesday, March 5 at 8:30 am and ask the members to support SB 476.  Please use the contact information below.  If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when contacting their office:

Sen. Kelly Hancock, Chair (Dist. 9)
(512) 463-0109,

Sen. Robert Nichols, Vice Chair (Dist. 3)

Sen. Donna Campbell (Dist. 25)

Sen. Brandon Creighton (Dist. 4)

Sen. José Menéndez, (Dist. 26)

Sen. Angela Paxton (Dist. 8)

Sen. Charles Schwertner (Dist. 5)

Sen. John Whitmire (Dist. 15)

Sen. Judith Zaffirini (Dist. 21)