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The Senate Appropriations Committee has determined that AB 1634 does not have a fiscal impact. Senate Rule 28.8 allows bills that do not have a cost to the state to be submitted directly to the floor. This determination was partly based on amendments offered by the author which remove Section 5 from the bill. This clause would have prohibited the State Controller from reimbursing local governments for the costs of impounding stray animals unless they complied with state reporting requirements.

In the AKC's view this section of the bill was a positive one as accurate reporting allows government officials to obtain a clearer picture of the issues in animal control. We believe that the removal of this section only serves to make a bad bill worse by removing local government accountability.

The committee accepted these amendments and they will be put in print August 5th after the Senate returns from their summer recess. AB 1634 will then be eligible to be taken up for a vote by the full Senate.

The AKC's concerns with the bill still have not been addressed and we are therefore asking fanciers and concerned dog owners to contact their State Senators and ask them to oppose AB 1634. Please personalize this letter and mail or fax it to your State Senator.

Clubs are asked to personalize this letter to the Senators who represent areas where their clubs are headquartered and/or have held events, as well to the leaders of each caucus; Senate President pro Tempore Don Perata and Republican Leader Dave Cogdill. All letters can be mailed to the State Capitol.

Senator __________
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Additionally, as the Senators are in recess they will be in their district offices. We highly recommend gathering a group of club members and concerned dog owners to meet with these legislators during this time. You can find contact information for your State Senator here.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has determined that AB 1634 does not have a fiscal impact….