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Continued action is needed on extremely overreaching and punitive dog breeder bills in Florida.

Senate Bill 1492 and House Bill 1581 would define any unsterilized female dog over the age of six months as a “breeding female” and would require her owner to register with the state as a “breeder,” pay significant fees, and be inspected by the state or by any person or non-governmental organization selected for that purpose. Any violation could result in dog confiscations. Registrants would be required to comply with federal commercial dog breeder/dealer regulations; additional state rules not yet written; and all existing and future county/city dog breeder laws, fees, and inspection requirements.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) strongly opposes these bills. Not only would they impose huge and costly restrictions on home-based and hobby breeders, they also would likely require beloved family housedogs to be kenneled in accordance with commercial standards. Learn more about Breeder Regulations and Restrictions Legislation  on AKC’s Legislative Action Center.

As of March 14, 2023, Senate Bill 1492 and two related Senate bills remain active. Therefore, continued action in opposition to the Senate bill is needed.  

 The office of the sponsor of the House bill, Representative Linda Chaney, has advised American Kennel Club Government Relations (AKC GR) that she intends to withdraw House Bill 1581 and its two related bills, HB 1583 and 1585. As of this time, House Bill 1581 and its two related House bills also remain active, pending Rep. Chaney’s formal withdrawal of them. AKC GR will continue to monitor this information and provide updates.

How to Take Action TODAY to Continue to Oppose These Bills! 

First, locate the contact information for your state Senator. To find out who represents you in Florida, click here and scroll down to “Find Officials”, OR click here to find your Florida state Senator.

Second, continue to call, email, and/or write to your state Senator to respectfully express your opposition to Senate Bill 1492. You may wish to include the following messages:

  • I am a resident of your district and I STRONGLY oppose Senate Bill 1492 and associated bills SB 1494 and SB 1496.
  • As a responsible dog owner, I respectfully ask that you firmly reject Senate Bill 1492.
  • I respectfully request that you urge your Senate colleague, Senator Jonathan Martin, to withdraw Senate Bill 1492 and its associated bills.

Also, respectfully and briefly tell them a little about yourself, and share a sentence or two about how long you have owned dogs and the good things you and other dog owners do in your community.  Do you show dogs? Share information with them about the Economic Impact of AKC Events in Florida.  

 Third, no matter where you live in the state, call, email and/or write to Senator Jonathan Martin, sponsor of the Senate bill, with the following messageI am a Florida resident, I strongly oppose Senate Bills 1492, 1494, and 1495, and I respectfully ask you to withdraw them.

Fourth, no matter where you live in the state, politely contact Representative Linda Chaney, sponsor of the House bill, and urge her to formally withdraw her bill. If you have not done so already, call, email and/or write to Rep. Chaney with the following messageI am a Florida resident, I strongly oppose House Bills 1581, 1583, and 1585, and I respectfully ask you formally withdraw them.

Fifth, share this action alert with your fellow dog lovers, friends, family members, and others, and ask that they join you in opposing these outrageous and unreasonable bills. We all must work together to ensure that the voices of responsible dog owners in Florida are heard.

Sixth, stay alert and ready to take action throughout the remainder of the Florida legislative session!  Even when a bill is withdrawn, the same problematic language can be “attached” to a different bill. The 2023 Florida Regular Session is currently scheduled to adjourn on May 5, 2023.

AKC Government Relations will continue to provide updates and action alerts on these harmful anti-breeder bills. To ensure you receive all updates, please add to your trusted email address list.

For additional information and resources , please contact AKC GR at or visit