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April 4, 2019

Each year, the New York General Assembly introduces dozens of bills that would impact dog owners, breeders, fanciers, and sportsmen.  The vast majority of these bills are re-introduced every year and never even receive a committee hearing.

Due to the 2018 elections, there are many new legislators in Albany, new leaders and chairpersons, and new procedures.  This means bills can move quickly with little to no advance notice.  While to date, the vast majority of the bills we are tracking in New York have not received one hearing, AKC Government Relations is recognizing that this could change at any time.  Because of these unique circumstances, we are sending this notice out to notify New York clubs and breeders of highlights of the numerous bills we are tracking that could impact you and your dogs.

What Can I Do?

Below is a list of highlights of the most significant bills we are seeing right now at the New York General Assembly, sorted by committee.  Please take a moment to review and then contact the committee on the bills of interest/concern to you.

Even more importantly, the General Assembly is scheduled to go on spring break, estimated to run from April 11-28.  Many legislators will use this time to have office visits and events in their districts.  This break is an excellent time to talk with your legislators and let them know there are responsible dog owners, breeders, and sportsmen in their district who are concerned with the bills being introduced in Albany.  Tell them about specific bills that are of interest to you – especially if they are serving on one of the committees listed below.  Visit the AKC Legislative Action Center ( and type your address in the “Find Your Elected Officials” box to get the contact information for your State Senator and State Assemblyperson.

If you need help with specific talking points, visit our Legislative Action Center for sample letters and talking points in our “Toolbox” and “Key Issues” sections.  You may also contact AKC Government Relations directly at  or 919-816-3720 if you need additional assistance.

What are the major bills I should be aware of?

The following is a list of major highlights of the over 200 bills we are currently tracking in New York, sorted by the committee where they are currently assigned.  Click on each committee for bill summaries and committee contact information.

This is not a comprehensive list of all bills we are tracking, or may take action on during the legislative session.  For a full list of bills, including their current status, visit our Legislative Action Center and click on “Legislative Tracking”, then select New York on the state map.

Committees with bills of interest:

Assembly Agriculture and Senate Domestic Animal Welfare CommitteesA number of troublesome bills have been assigned to these committees, including: a ban on ear cropping and tail docking; a bill that could allow dogs to be removed from vehicles and ownership forfeited if the weather is below 32 or above 70 degrees outside; bills regulating how dogs should be kept outdoors; and bills that would lower the threshold for who is regulated as a pet dealer or breeder, including new regulations, inspections, and a new tax on sales that would fund a shelter and wildlife rehabilitation account.

Assembly and Senate Environmental Conservation – Bills assigned to these committees would essentially outlaw many AKC field trials and legal hunting activities in the state.

Assembly & Senate Judiciary – Bills have been assigned to this committee that could change the legal status of animals.

Assembly CodesAKC is supporting a bill that would clarify that pet theft should be penalized the same as other property theft in the state.

Assembly Housing – AKC is supporting a bill that would prohibit housing restrictions based solely on a dog’s breed, weight, or size.

Assembly & Senate Insurance – AKC is supporting bills that would protect insurance policy holders from discrimination based on the breed of dog they own.

AKC Government Relations thanks all in New York who are willing to get involved on these important issues and communicate with your legislators.  We will keep you updated as we have information.  For questions, please contact or call 919-816-3720.