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The Oklahoma Senate Agriculture and Wildlife Committee is considering a bill on Monday, February 8, to remove the commercial breeder reporting requirements.

Under current law, “commercial breeders” are defined as those who possess “11 or more intact females for the purpose of breeding…. or direct or indirect sale or exchange…” Those who meet this definition must comply with a number of requirements, including providing an annual report to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.  This report must include the number of intact females held at each facility at the end of the year, as well as “such other information regarding the commercial pet breeder’s prior year’s operations as required by the Department.”

Senate Bill 547 as introduced would remove the reporting requirement.

Those who wish to comment on this legislation may do so by contacting the members of the committee prior to the February 8 hearing.  If you are a constituent of one of the committee members, click the link below to directly contact them.

Sen. Casey Murdock, Chair (Felt)

Sen. Roland Pederson, Vice Chair (Burlington)

Sen. Mary Boren (Norman)

Sen. David Bullard (Durant)

Sen. J.J. Dossett (Owasso)

Sen. Tom Dugger (Stillwater)

Sen. Chuck Hall (Perry)

Sen. Brent Howard (Altus)

Sen. Chris Kidd (Waurika)

Sen. James Leewright (Bristow)

Sen. Dewayne Pemberton (Muskogee)

Sen. Blake Stephens (Tahlequah)

Sen. George Burns (Pollard)

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor this legislation.  For questions or more information on Oklahoma legislative issues, contact