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The Missouri House Local Government Committee is scheduled to consider two bills on Thursday, January 27, that would prohibit local municipalities from enacting breed-specific laws in the state.

As introduced, AKC strongly supports these bills, as stated in our previous alert.

There is discussion, however, that amendments may be proposed that would place significant restrictions on responsible dog owners, including potential mandatory spay/neuter language.  Mandatory sterilization would harm responsible breeders, exhibitors, hobbyists, and owners, while doing nothing to solve the issue of dangerous dogs, which is what this bill seeks to address.

The decision to sterilize a dog is also an important health care decision that should be made in conjunction with a veterinarian and not subject to arbitrary requirements and regulations.  Visit AKC’s key issue page at for more information and talking points on this issue.

Those who reside or participate in events in Missouri are strongly encouraged to contact the sponsors and the committee and ask them to not support amendments to House Bills 1588 and 1657 that would restrict or punish responsible dog owners – including language regarding mandatory sterilization.

How to Comment:

Contact the bill sponsors.  Thank them for introducing these bills, and respectfully ask that they not support any amendments that would restrict responsible owners – including mandatory spay/neuter.  If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when contacting them:

Submit written comments to the House Local Government Committee and respectfully ask them to support House Bill 1588 and House Bill 1657 as introduced, without amendments.  Click on each bill link to submit comments for that bill.  Written comments will be accepted until midnight on Thursday, January 27.

On the form, you may also select if you would like to attend the hearing in person.  The hearing information is as follows:

House Local Government Committee
Thursday, January 27, 2022
8:00 am
House Hearing Room 7

AKC Government Relations and the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (MoFed) continue to closely monitor these and all legislative bills in Missouri impacting dog owners.  For more information, contact AKC GR at