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A bill scheduled for consideration on Monday, April 24, in the Colorado Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee could impact those who offer pet services such as boarding, grooming, training or pet walking.

As introduced, House Bill 1228 sought to regulate those who offered home-based pet services and the utilized an online listing/networking service.  However, the bill has now been significantly amended and it is now very unclear who will be regulated or how it will be the requirements will be enforced. 

As passed by the House, this bill seeks to clarify exemptions to the state’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act, which requires certain licensing and other requirements of those who breed, board, groom, sell, or trade pet animals.  The bill clarifies that the law does not apply to those who are engaged in boarding or pet handling of no more than three pet animals. 

It also says the law will not apply to any “pet animal care technology platform” that is not a pet animal facility.   While “pet animal facility” is defined in law, there is no definition of “pet animal care technology platform”.  Other clarifying language in the previous versions of the bill has also been stricken.

It is now very unclear what the bill would accomplish, who it would impact, and how it would change enforcement of current law.  AKC and the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs are concerned that a vague and confusing bill could result in negative consequences.

What You Can Do:

Those who reside or utilize pet services in Colorado are encouraged to contact the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee prior to the hearing on Monday afternoon and respectfully ask that they not allow House Bill 1228 to advance until the bill is clarified in order to avoid unintended consequences and a vague and confusing law.

Senator Jack Tate (Chair)

Senator Tim Neville (Vice Chair)

Senator Cheri Jahn

Senator John Kefalas

Senator Kevin Priola

Senator Jim Smallwood

Senator Angela Williams

For questions or more information, contact the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs at or AKC Government Relations at