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The Wichita Animal Services Advisory Board voted last week in favor of an ordinance that will prohibit pet stores from sourcing dogs from licensed breeders in the city. The ordinance is now being considered by the Wichita Police Department where it must get approval before it can receive consideration from the full city council.

This ordinance will limit pet choice and consumer protections for Wichita area families seeking a dog that fits their needs and lifestyle.

Retail pet sales bans and restrictions limit consumer protections and choice, while doing nothing to help dogs.  A better solution is to consider broad consumer protection and cruelty laws that hold all accountable who sell or transport dogs and continuing to allow pet stores to source from all humane sources including from licensed breeders.

Further, licensed breeders in and around Kansas are already regulated by the state and/or the USDA. Additionally, licensed breeders are required to follow all applicable state and federal animal welfare laws.

AKC Government Relations expressed our concerns at the Animal Services Advisory Board meeting and will continue to communicate with key city officials regarding this ordinance.

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