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Tennessee Senate Bill 511, which seeks to regulate dog owners based on ownership of intact female dogs, did not advance in the Senate Energy, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee on March 17, 2021. Instead, it was sent to “General Sub,” which means the bill is “on hold” and is unlikely to be considered again by the committee in 2021. The Tennessee legislative session lasts two years, and therefore the bill remains active into 2022. AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor SB 511 and its companion bill, HB 547.

The voices of residents who sent respectful messages of concern about SB 511 were heard! One committee member said the bill received more comments than any other bill so far this year, and favorably mentioned the large number of personalized messages that were received from individuals.

This shows that sending polite, reasoned communication about a bill has an impact. Please take another moment to send follow-up messages thanking committee members for listening to your concerns about SB 511.

Committee members:

Senator Steve Southerland, (615) 741-3851,
Senator Frank Niceley, (615) 741-2061,
Senator Mark Pody, (615) 741-2421,
Senator Shane Reeves, (615) 741-1066,
Senator Katrina Robinson, (615) 741-2509,
Senator Janice Bowling, (615) 741-6694,
Senator Paul Rose, (615) 741-1967,
Senator Heidi Campbell, (615) 741-6679,
Senator Page Walley, (615) 741-2368,

Please contact AKC GR at or 919-816-3720 with questions or for additional information.