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The Texas House of Representatives is expected to vote on HB 2238 tomorrow, Wednesday May 10. The bill will require anyone that both owns 5 or more intact females and is engaged in the business of breeding those dogs for sale to secure a state license.

AKC expects HB 2238 and its Senate companion, SB 876 to be combined on the House floor and if passed the bill will be transmitted directly to the Governor.

It is vitally important that lawmakers hear from dog owners in Texas that are concerned with this legislation. These bills are nearing the final steps in the legislative process before they are eligible to become law. 

The bill was amended to exempt those that breed primarily for conformation purposes. Those that breed primarily for conformation purposes would not be subject to licensing. Those that breed primarily for hunting, herding livestock, and for participation in other AKC events were already exempt from the law. An additional amendment appears to also exempt those who breed primarily for one of these purposes but do occasionally sell to a pet home.

Take Action NOW:

AKC remains concerned about the impact of this legislation on those that do not qualify for an exemption. All concerned dog owners in Texas should contact their State Representative TODAY and urge them to vote no on HB 2238 and SB 876. Be sure to let your Representative know you are a constituent. You can find your state representative HERE.  

Talking Points:

  • For many that breed in their private home, you will be required to open your private homes to inspections when applying for a license and at least every 18 months thereafter.
  • This legislation will require you to comply with certain housing standards that were intended to regulate commercial facilities. For example, existing law requires drainage systems for facilities that house dogs.
  • Hobbyists will be regulated as commercial businesses if they sell just one puppy from a litter

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor all bills impacting dog owners in Texas.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at