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April 29, 2019

The Iowa Legislature has adjourned for the year.  None of the bills of concern to the AKC and Iowa clubs and breeders passed.

The AKC appreciates that in several cases, amendments were added to address many of our concerns.  This includes House File 737, which as introduced could have impacted standard husbandry practices such as tail docking and may not have permitted owners to choose the best care for senior dogs or dogs that are critically ill.  This bill will likely be considered next session, and AKC and clubs will continue working with the sponsor to ensure remaining concerns are addressed.

Another bill, HF 738,  would have increased the state’s low threshold for the number of animals maintained to be defined as a  commercial breeder. It also would have regulated “commercial rescues”, but these rescues were not required to comply with the same standards of care as breeders.  Amendments were made to address some concerns regarding the seizure of animals, but some unclear provisions remained.

AKC thanks the legislators who worked with the AKC and Iowa clubs and breeders and listened to our concerns.  We also thank the strong leadership by clubs and breeders who took the time to call, email, meet with legislators, and testify in committee.

AKC Government Relations will continue to work with the Iowa legislature, clubs, and breeders, to ensure fair, reasonable, and effective laws in Iowa.