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This week, the Delaware House Administration Committee will be considering a bill to name rescue(d) dogs as the official state dog.

Senate Bill 37  which designates rescue dogs as the official state dog is scheduled for a hearing before the House Administration Committee on Wednesday, April 26, 2026, at Noon.  Previously, the Golden Retriever was the official state dog, but that designation has expired.

With AKC clubs operating the largest breed rescue networks in the country, we certainly appreciate the intentions of the bill.  Yet, the fact remains that rescue dogs and shelter dogs are not a breed of dog.  Instead of a designation celebrating and perpetuating rescue and shelter pets, which does little to empty shelters and limit the number of dogs needing rescued, attention should be focused on strategies to lessen the number of dogs needing rescued with a goal of one day eliminating the need for shelters.

Those wishing to comment on SB 37 may contact members of the Committee or submit public comment either in writing, in person, or via Zoom.

Committee members contact information can be found here (click on the member’s name).

Instruction to submit written comments or provide virtual comments can be found under the comment section of the hearing notice.

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor legislation impacting dog owners in Delaware.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at