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The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to report that an extremist New Hampshire bill that would have criminalized some breeders failed to meet a March 28, 2024, legislative deadline, likely ending any further consideration of the bill for the remainder of the 2024 legislative session.

House Bill 1102 sought to describe brachycephaly as a “birth deformity that causes suffering” and would criminalize the sale and breeding of brachycephalic dogs and any dog that could be claimed to have a birth deformity.

AKC has been deeply concerned with HB 1102’s expansive language that targeted breeders of all dogs, not just of brachycephalic dogs; and cautioned all dog breeders and enthusiasts about the lengths to which extremists will go to attack the breeding and exhibition of purebred dogs.

Earlier this month, the AKC, the New Hampshire Dog Owners of the Granite State (NH DOGS), the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association (NHVMA), representatives of numerous parent clubs, and many other individuals and organizations expressed opposition to HB 1102 in a public hearing.  After its own public deliberations, an overwhelming majority of the House Environment and Agriculture Committee (Committee) voted HB 1102 as “Inexpedient to Legislate”, meaning it recommended that the full House not approve HB 1102 or further formally consider the bill for the remainder of the year.  The majority found the bill’s wording of the conditions that would trigger an animal cruelty charge to be unclear, unenforceable, and problematic, and that many brachycephalic dogs do not exhibit health problems.

Yesterday, Thursday, March 28, was the last day for the House to act on HB 1102.  Upon being called for consideration, the bill was quickly tabled by a vote of 232 -140; and the House did not reconsider the bill prior to the adjournment of the day’s proceedings.  Though technically possible, it is highly unlikely HB 1102 will be further considered in 2024.

AKC commends the many breeders, owners, clubs, and organizations who joined AKC in opposing HB 1102.  AKC also extends particular appreciation to NH DOGS for its leadership on defending the rights of responsible dog breeders and owners in New Hampshire.  AKC also appreciates veterinarians and lawmakers who are truly concerned about protecting animal health and wellbeing, and who are working with or who have committed to working with breed clubs, veterinary breed experts, and responsible breeders in the ongoing improvement of canine health and the preservation and stewardship of our beloved dog breeds.

AKC strongly condemns reports of harassment and cyberbullying of those who provided compelling testimony in opposition to HB 1102, and will work with New Hampshire officials to address concerns about the attempts to silence political speech or dissuade participation in the legislative process.

For more information on this and other pending legislation in New Hampshire, contact AKC Government Relations at