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A bill has passed the Kansas Legislature that would mandate unannounced inspections of all state licensees- including hobbyists.

In Kansas, a hobby breeder must be licensed if 3-5 litters are produced and under 30 animals sold in a year.  Unannounced inspections could prove challenging, as it is a hobby and the owner cannot be expected to be home at all times.  Read AKC’s previous alert for more background and information on House Bill 2477.

House Bill 2477 is on the Governor’s desk, and residents are encouraged to contact Governor Colyer with any comments or concerns you have with this bill:

(877) 579-6757 or (785) 296-3232
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Talking Points:

  • Emphasize the care you as a hobby breeder provide for your animals, but explain how unannounced inspections would be a challenge for you.
  • House Bill 2477 was originally introduced because of significant funding concerns in the Department of Agriculture. Having to reinspect kennels because someone is not home would be a further drain on the department’s resources.
  • A state audit is currently being conducted to review the entire program. Policy changes should wait until the audit is complete to ensure the best and most effective laws.

For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at