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The Indiana House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee is considering a bill on Wednesday, February 10, that provides further regulations to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

AKC GR encourages those who reside or participate in dog events in Indiana to contact the committee in support of this legislation.  Scroll down for contact information.

Bill Summary:

House Bill 1268 as introduced would require local shelters to develop regulations to help “ensure that the animal care facility makes reasonable effort to quickly and reliably return a lost or stray companion animal to an owner.”

Recommended regulations include checking the animal for identification (including a microchip or tag) and notifying an owner within 48 hours after the animal was received, and if no owner can be readily identified, providing public notice within 48 hours.  Other suggested regulations include allowing peace officers to directly return an animal is found at large and the owner can be easily identified, and having at least one weekend day where the shelter is open to reclaim lost pets.

What You Can Do:

Those who reside or participate in dog events in Indiana are encouraged to contact the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in support of this bill which helps reunite lost pets more quickly with their owners. If you are a constituent of one of the members of the committee, click the link below and let them know you are a constituent.

All others, use the email addresses provided to reach the committee members:

Rep. Don Lehe, Chair (White County)

Rep. Mike Aylesworth, Vice Chair (Lake and Porter Counties)

Rep. Beau Baird (Putnam County)

Rep. Brad Barrett (Wayne County)

Rep. Steve Davisson (Washington County)

Rep. Doug Gutwein (Pulaski County)

Rep. Dave Heine (Eastern Allen County)

Rep. Cindy Ledbetter (Pike, Spencer, and Warrick Counties)

Rep. Craig Snow (Wabash County)

Rep. Maureen Bauer (South Bend)

Rep. John Bartlett (Indianapolis)

Rep. Sheila Klinker (Lafayette)

Rep. Justin Moed

AKC GR will continue to closely monitor this legislation and provide information as it is available. For questions, contact AKC GR at