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Minnesota House File 2815, which is scheduled to be considered by the House Civil Law and Data Practices Policy Committee on Thursday, March 8, seeks to make misrepresenting an animal as a service animal a misdemeanor.  All Minnesota residents are encouraged to contact the members of the committee and express support of HF 2815.

The AKC strongly supports public accommodations that allow individuals with disabilities to use service dogs, which are defined as those that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. The AKC strongly condemns characterizing dogs as service animals when they are not, or attempting to benefit from a dog’s service dog status when the individual using the dog is not a person with a disability.

HF 2815 joins HF 3157 and SF 2646 as proposals pending in the Minnesota legislature that seek to prohibit the misrepresentation of a dog as a service dog.  Read Misuse of Service Dogs Hurts the Disabled and Responsible Dog Owners for information on why misrepresenting a dog as a service animal is damaging to many.

The American Kennel Club supports HF 2815.  We encourage all concerned Minnesota residents to contact the members of the Minnesota Civil Law and Data Practices Policy Committee and request they support House File 2815.  They will consider the measure at their Thursday, March 8, meeting, which will take place at 8:15AM in the Basement Hearing Room of the State House, 175 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55155.

Representative Peggy Scott, Chair

Representative Dennis Smith, Vice Chair

Representative John Lesch, DFL Lead

Representative Andrew Carlson

Representative Raymond Dehn

Representative Debra Hilstrom

Representative Jeff Howe

Representative Sheldon Johnson

Representative Bob Loonan

Representative Eric Lucero

Representative Ilhan Omar

Representative Marion O’Neill

Representative Cindy Pugh

Representative Bob Vogel

Representative Abigail Whelan

Callie Lehman, Committee Administrator –

For more information on HF 2815 or other legislation in Minnesota, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at 919-816-3720 or