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The Virginia Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Committee (ACNR) voted 10-0 at its recent meeting to continue Senate Bill 89 to next year.

As introduced, Senate Bill 89 would amend existing Code of Virginia section 3.2-6510 by adding language stating that “No pet shop shall sell a dog or cat unless such dog or cat has been spayed or neutered”.  As noted in a previous alert, at a Senate ACNR Committee Companion Animal Subcommittee meeting, the sponsor proposed an amendment to align the pet shop requirement with the existing requirements of Virginia Code 3.2-6574 relating to the sterilization of adopted dogs and cats from a shelter.

At the ACNR Committee meeting, the substitute version of the bill was not provided.  Instead, given the continuing discussions and questions related to when it is appropriate to spay or neuter a puppy or a kitten, the sponsor agreed to have the bill held over for consideration during the 2023 session.

Those who are interested in sharing their comments and insights on this issue are encouraged to do so by contacting the bill sponsor,  Senator William Stanley.  You may also want to share your comments with the members of the ACNR Companion Animal Subcommittee, Senator David Marsden, Senator Barbara Favola, and Senator Travis Hackworth, as the bill will first be assigned to the Companion Animal Subcommittee if it is reconsidered in 2023.

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