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Please send a letter to the New York Assembly Agriculture Committee


To defeat A. 11242, the New York Assembly bill that will ban ear cropping and tail docking, we need the help of all fanciers. We strongly urge you to contact the members of the Assembly Agriculture Committee immediately and voice your opposition to this measure.

Writing a letter is the most effective way of making your voice heard. While it is important to keep your letter concise and to the point, it is also vital that you demonstrate to the elected officials how this issue will impact you personally.

Below you will find an outline of a letter on A. 11242 to assist you in drafting your personalized letter to the committee members. 


The Honorable (name)
New York State Assembly
LOB _____
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Chairman Magee: OR
Dear Assemblyman or Assemblywoman __________:

I am writing you today because I understand that A. 11242, a bill to ban ear cropping and tail docking of dogs has been assigned to the Assembly Agriculture Committee, of which you are a member. As a dog owner, I am opposed to the government regulating this issue, which is best left to owners and their veterinarians.

(Personalize here – tell about yourself as a dog owner, breeder and fancier. What breeds have you owned or shown? Have any of your dogs achieved a Championship? Won a prestigious award? How do you as a responsible dog owner contribute to your community? Have you participated in Responsible Dog Ownership Day Activities? Presented material on dogs to your local school?)

Passage of A.11242 would also have a negative impact on New York's economy. In 2005, 382 AKC sanctioned events were conducted in New York with 129,348 dogs entered by 108,085 owners. In a recent survey on the economic impact of dog shows, AKC found that individual dog show exhibitors spend an average of $320 per weekend. Based on those numbers, AKC events in New York contributed approximately $35 million dollars to local economies through participants' spending on lodging, food, entertainment and gasoline.

(Personalize here – Please add information about New York events in which you have participated or are planning to participate. If you have an estimate of the money you spent, please include that.)

When appropriate veterinary care is provided, ear cropping and tail docking are safe, acceptable practices. Owners and breeders in consultation with their veterinarians should make these decisions about their animal's health care, not the government. I respectfully ask that you oppose A. 11242 when it comes before you in the Assembly Agriculture Committee.


John Smith
1234 Main Street
New York, NY 10016

Please send a letter to the New York Assembly Agriculture Committee

To defeat A. 11242, the New…