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Yesterday, a resolution was introduced in the California Assembly to recognize September as Service Dog Appreciation Month to honor service and working dogs, and declare “that Californians are grateful for the service and dedication these loyal companions provide for their owners and communities.”

AKC encourages California dog owners to thank the author for introducing HR 63, and to ask your Assembly Member to support the resolution. If you own a service or working dog, assist with training, etc., please include that in your communications.


H.R. 63 as introduced declares September as Service Dog Appreciation Month.  It recognizes that “Service dogs are extraordinary animals that enable their human companions to live their fullest lives.”

The resolution goes on to list the many ways service dogs benefit Californians, including  as K-9 officers, search and rescue dogs, and dogs assisting those with illnesses or disabilities including veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

AKC supports H.R. 63 and greatly appreciates its recognition of the vast range of tasks and services that dogs can perform to benefit their owners and the community at large.  AKC strongly supports the humane use of dogs for a variety of essential tasks and purposes.  Through programs such as the American Service Dog Access Coalition, the AKC Detection Dog Task Force, and AKC Reunite’s Adopt a K-9 Cop, AKC is at the forefront of ensuring appropriate guidelines, access, and availability of well-trained dogs that, as this resolution states, provide important acts and services.

For more information on AKC’s programs and positions on these issues, visit the AKC Legislative Action Center at and visit the Key Issues pages on Service Dogs and Detection Dogs.

What You Can Do:

  • Thank the author, Assembly Member Kelly Seyarto (Dist. 67- Riverside County), for introducing H.R. 63. If you are a constituent, please be sure to mention that in your communications.  Follow the directions at this link to create an account and submit comments directly to the author’s office.
  • Ask your Assembly Member to support H.R. 63. Visit and type in your address to find the name and contact information for your Assembly Member.  Be sure to mention that you are a constituent when contacting them.

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor all legislation in California relating to dog owners.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at