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A Delaware Senate committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Wednesday, April 26, that would protect the rights of responsible Delaware dog owners by prohibiting any dog from being declared “potentially dangerous” or “dangerous” under state law simply based on the dog’s breed.   The bill would also prohibit municipalities from enacting laws or regulations based on a dog’s breed. 

This bill has already passed the House by a vote of 30-10, and dog owners in Delaware are encouraged to contact the committee and ask them to also support this legislation. 

Talking Points:

The AKC supports House Bill 13, which protects the rights of dog owners while still allowing communities to enact laws that hold all owners accountable.  Seventeen states currently have laws that prohibit breed-specific legislation.  Visit the Breed-Specific/Dangerous Dog Laws page in the AKC Legislative Action Center for more talking points on this issue.

What You Can Do:

AKC urges all who reside or participate in dog events in Delaware to contact the Senate Health, Children, and Social Services Committee prior to the hearing on Wednesday, April 26, and ask them to support House Bill 13:

Sen. Bryan Townsend (Chairman)
(302) 744-4165

Sen. Stephanie L. Hansen
(302) 744-4138

Sen. Nicole Poore
(302) 744-4164

Sen. Catherine Cloutier
(302) 744-4114

Sen. Ernesto B. Lopez
(302) 744-4136

AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor this legislation and provide more information as it becomes available.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or