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The Illinois governor is getting significant pressure from animal rights groups to sign a ban on the retail sale of pets.

HB 1711 would restrict pet choice and consumer protection. It also implies that breeders should not be involved in rescue efforts.  It is essential that his office hear from Illinois clubs and breed rescues TODAY.
Illinois residents should use the form provided to contact the governor and ask him to veto House Bill 1711.

Talking Points Against HB 1711:

  • There is a belief that these bills will end substandard breeding. However, fewer than 4 percent of pets purchased in the US come from pet shops. Those that are, are subject to animal welfare and consumer protection laws, which this bill removes. Furthermore, these laws limit choice and will do little to address any issues associated with substandard breeders.
  • These bills will reduce the average person’s access and ability to choose a pet with the predictable type, mandated care, and substantiated health background that come with purebred pets from regulated sources. This measure is regressive because people who lack the resources or do not have access to private hobby breeders will be the most directly impacted.
  • Since the bill does not allow rescues or shelters to source dogs from breeders, it would seem to imply that breeders should not be involved in rescue work. This undermines the dedicated volunteer efforts of breed experts and breeders who are part of AKC clubs and who regularly help dogs in need get appropriate assessments, care, and rehoming.

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AKC Government Relations and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners continue to monitor legislation impacting Illinois dog owners.  For more information, contact AKC GR at