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The AKC Government Relations Department has learned that the House Finance Committee will likely consider Senate Bill 460 on Thursday, June 24. 

It is essential that all North Carolina dog lovers call AND e-mail members of the House Finance Committee TODAY.  Tell them that responsible dog owners and breeders oppose SB 460, and respectfully ask them to also oppose it and not allow it to move forward in any form.

This bill, which was introduced and passed out of the Senate last year, could be passed into law within the next week or so if the House Finance Committee does not hear from enough responsible dog owners and breeders.  

For your convenience, contact information and scripts are available at the bottom of this alert.

The AKC is gravely concerned with a number of provisions of Senate Bill 460 as currently written, including:

  • Vague definition of “commercial breeder”.  The bill defines “commercial breeder” as someone who owns 15 or more intact female dogs “of breeding age” and 30 or more puppies.  It is not clear if this is a cumulative number owned over a lifetime, or the number on a property at one time. Additionally, if you live in a residential area and the state defines as a commercial breeder, you may be placed in violation of local zoning and property laws.
  • North Carolina already has effective laws criminalizing animal negligence and cruelty, including a new law passed this week (S 254) which imposes tough new felony penalties on cruelty. SB 460 will do nothing to protect the health or welfare of dogs in North Carolina.  North Carolina's existing animal welfare statutes, if properly enforced, actually do a better job of protecting dogs than the provisions of SB 460 would, if the bill were passed.
  • Creation of a new, unfunded mandate for counties. SB 460 gives the state authority to initiate investigations on complaints against commercial breeders, but it makes county authorities responsible for conducting the investigations and follow-up work from the state's motion.  It does not, however, provide funding for this.  In this difficult economic climate, it is unnecessary and unwise to create a costly new program that requires North Carolina counties and their taxpayers to find the funding to properly implement it. 
  • False and misleading legislative findings. The bill's legislative findings are based on unsubstantiated claims and state that the bill does not interfere with a person's right to participate in hunting and working activities with their dog. However, the bill only exempts those who board or train – not those who breed – dogs for show, hunting, working, etc.

The American Kennel Club strongly supports the humane treatment of dogs and believes that all dogs should be kept in a safe and healthy environment. We also believe that any regulations should not punish responsible owners and breeders who take their responsibilities seriously.  As currently written, Senate Bill 460 is vague, unnecessary, and costly to responsible breeders and North Carolina counties. 


How You Can Help:

Call and e-mail the members of the House Finance Committee today and respectfully ask them to oppose Senate Bill 460.  If you e-mail, please also call the legislators. 
Click here for a sample phone script.
Click here for a sample e-mail letter. 

The contact information is as follows:

Representative Paul Luebke (Senior Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-7663

Representative Pryor Gibson (Chairman)
Phone: 919-715-3007

Representative William L. Wainwright (Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-5995

Representative Jennifer Weiss (Chairman)
Phone: 919-715-3010

Representative Dewey Hill (Vice Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-5830

Representative Hugh Holliman (Vice Chairman)
Phone: 919-715-0873

Representative Julia Howard (Vice Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-5904

Representative Daniel McComas (Vice Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-5786

Representative Larry Womble (Vice Chairman)
Phone: 919-733-5777

Representative Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.
Phone: 919-733-5778

Representative Curtis Blackwood
Phone: 919-733-2406

Representative John Blust
Phone: 919-733-5781

Representative R. Van Braxton
Phone: 919-715-3017

Representative Becky Carney
Phone: 919-733-5827

Representative Tricia Ann Cotham
Phone: 919-715-0706

Representative Bill Faison
Phone: 919-715-3019

Representative Dale Folwell
Phone: 919-733-5787

Representative Larry Hall
Phone: 919-733-5872

Representative Sandra Spaulding Hughes
Phone: 919-733-5754

Representative Earl Jones
Phone: 919-733-5825

Representative David Lewis
Phone: 919-715-3015

Representative Darrell McCormick
Phone: 919-733-5654

Representative William McGee
Phone: 919-733-5747

Representative Bill Owens
Phone: 919-733-0010

Representative Johnathan Rhyne
Phone: 919-733-5782

Representative Deborah Ross
Phone: 919-733-5773

Representative Mitchell Setzer
Phone: 919-733-4948

Representative Paul Stam
Phone: 919-733-2962

Representative Edgar Starnes
Phone: 919-733-5931

Representative Thom Tillis
Phone: 919-733-5828


The AKC Government Relations Department will provide updated information to you via email on at For additional information, contact the AKC's Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or

The AKC Government Relations Department has learned that the House Finance Committee will likely…