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The American Kennel Club (AKC) has learned that both New Jersey Senate Bill 3041 and Senate Bill 1640 are scheduled for consideration by the New Jersey Senate on Monday, March 13, 2017.  It is imperative that New Jersey citizens concerned with these bills contact their elected state senator and express their concerns. 

The AKC remains deeply concerned that S 3041 and its predecessor S 63 have not been assigned to or considered by a legislative committee with any animal or husbandry expertise.  The AKC believes that legislation with far-reaching impacts on New Jersey, its dogs, and their breeders and owners should receive the fair consideration of legislators recognized for their expertise on such matters before being moved for a final vote.

Additionally, the most recent iteration of S3041 defines anyone who sells more than ten dogs or cats over the course of a year as a “pet dealer”. The term “pet dealer” also includes pet shops, commercial kennels, and boarding kennels. It establishes protocols for enforcement by local counties and municipalities. Some of these standards include specific engineering requirements that are neither possible nor in the best interest of pets in residential settings.  The AKC is concerned that this arbitrary threshold will regulate far too many fanciers and enthusiasts.  Additionally, because most municipalities do not allow commercial enterprises such as animal “dealers” in residential zones, a large litter produced by someone who may breed a litter once a year or even once in a lifetime and sells the puppies may suddenly find that they are in violation of state and local zoning laws.  Therefore, we continue to recommend that the measure be clarified to express the stated intent of the sponsor that small, hobby breeders be exempt from the dealer licensing requirements.

Moreover, the current version of the legislation allows for more health and welfare violations by pet dealers than previous versions before being restricted from supplying pet dealers with animals, and extends the allotted timeline for scrutiny to three years.  We recommend the legislation revert to previous versions which differentiated between direct animal welfare violations (which impact the health and welfare of the pet) and indirect violations (which do not impact health and welfare of pets, but pertain to paperwork and similar violations), and which extended the timeline to scrutinize reports to only two years. 

Finally, as it has since its introduction (as Senate Bill 63) in January 2016, the bill continues to contain more than two pages of “findings” that assail the reputations of dog breeders with broadly-discredited conjecture, questionable statistics, and out-of-date USDA information. The use of such biased and discredited information undermines responsible owner-breeders and will likely serve as the justification for additional regressive legislation that will earn New Jersey the title of the most unfriendly state to dog owners.  The AKC believes New Jersey can do better than using biased, discredited and misleading anti-breeder language. Instead, we recommend the adoption of the following alternative preamble to fairly explain the justification for the legislation:

“The legislature determines it is in the best of the state and its citizens to support consumer protections for the purchase of pets, support practices that improve the health and welfare of all pets and related public health practices, and to better monitor the sources of pets imported into and transferred to consumers in New Jersey.”

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The AKC also remains deeply concerned with several provisions that remain in S 1640.  As currently written, the bill mischaracterizes “cruel” tethering and bans even temporary tethering in a variety of humane circumstances, including the use of a grooming table for grooming at a dog show/exhibition or tethering as part of training for or participation in recognized dog events and competitions.

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It is imperative that concerned New Jersey residents and its responsible breeders and owners contact their state senator (and cc State Senate President Steven Sweeney).  Ask them to pull the bills from final consideration until the above-listed concerns with S 3041 and S 1640 are addressed. 

Go to to find your New Jersey State Senator. 

Senate President Steven Sweeney –

For the latest information, contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720, or email; or contact the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs.