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The Illinois Senate Agriculture Committee will likely consider a bill next week that would limit pet stores to sourcing dogs and cats only from shelters and rescues that have no affiliation with breeders.

House Bill 1711 is virtually identical to a bill considered and defeated earlier this year by the Senate Agriculture Committee.  However, the committee members are getting significant pressure from animal rights groups claiming that supporting this bill is a guarantee to shut down “puppy mills” across the country.

Not only is this a perjorative term, but the statement is completely false.  States that have passed a retail ban immediately returned the next year with additional legislation to address the same issue – because nothing changed for the better.  Instead, HB 1711 would restrict pet choice and consumer protection. It also implies that breeders should not be involved in rescue efforts.  For more information and talking points, view AKC’s previous alert and visit

How You Can Help:

AKC thanks the many clubs that have taken the time to contact legislators on this issue.  Once again, it is essential that the Senate Agriculture Committee hear from Illinois residents TODAY. Ask the committee to not support House Bill 1711.

Contact the committee members – especially if you are a constituent. Be sure to mention if you are an Illinois resident, and if you are a constituent of a committee member. They need to know that people in their district oppose this bill.

If you are a constituent, use the form provided to directly contact the committee.  Otherwise use the following information:

Patrick J. Joyce, Chair (Essex)
(217) 782-7419

David Koehler, Vice Chair (Peoria)
(217) 782-8250

Darren Bailey, Minority Spokesperson (Louisville)
(217) 782-6674

Scott M. Bennett (Urbana)
(217) 782-2507

Bill Cunningham (Chicago)
(217) 782-5145

Laura Ellman (Naperville)
(217) 782-8192

Linda Holmes (Aurora)
(217) 782-0422

Doris Turner (Springfield)
(217) 782-0228

Patricia Van Pelt (Chicago)
(217) 782-6252

Karina Villa (West Chicago)
(217) 782-0471

Terri Bryant (Murphysboro)
(217) 782-5715

Steve McClure (Jacksonville)
(217) 782-8206

Brian W. Stewart (Freeport)
(217) 782-0180

Jil Tracy (Quincy)
(217) 782-2479

AKC Government Relations and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners continue to monitor legislation impacting Illinois dog owners.  For more information, contact AKC GR at