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Despite letters of concern from AKC Government Relations, dog owners and breeders, and a state-licensed veterinarian to the New Haven, CT Board of Alders regarding proposed changes to their animal ordinance, the Board enacted a re-drafted animal ordinance proposal last night.  AKC GR has learned that the proposal will now go to the city’s Mayor for approval.

The proposed ordinance, in addition to addressing leash laws and dangerous dogs, establishes breeder permits for those who pass inspection of their breeding premises and have the suitability of the dogs to be bred evaluated by the animal control officer.  Holders of breeder permits are limited to two litters per year and must acquire a litter permit for each.  The ordinance becomes effective immediately upon adoption and carries significant fines for violations.  AKC has serious concerns that the proposal would result in additional fees for law-abiding responsible dog owners and breeders, while not addressing animal control issues in the city. 

Connecticut dog owners and breeders are encouraged to immediately contact the New Haven Mayor and express your concerns with this proposal.  Ask the Mayor to send the proposal back to the Board for changes that would not impose onerous requirements on responsible dog owners and breeders who are not in the business of breeding and who are not responsible for animal control problems.

Mayor Toni N. Harp, City of New Haven, CT

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