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On Wednesday, October 4, the Los Angeles Neighborhoods and Community Enrichment Committee discussed a proposal to suspend the issuance of new breeding permits.

The three-member committee voted to direct the city attorney to work with LA Animal Services to draft language that would see the suspension of the issuance of new breeding permits until the city-wide shelter occupancy rate drops below 75 percent for three consecutive months.

During the meeting, the committee members discussed the value—and the need— for responsible pet ownership along with possible amendments that would acknowledge the value of responsible pet owners. AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) is reaching out to work with the committee chair to offer our assistance in drafting amendments to ensure the rights of responsible dog owners are respected in the city of Los Angeles.

AKC GR thanks all who took the time to comment on this proposal. It was apparent that the committee members received your thoughtful comments. No action is required at this time.

AKC GR will provide updates as warranted on next steps in the coming weeks. For questions or more information on California legislation, contact AKC GR at