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As mentioned in a previous alert, the Waynesboro (VA) City Council recently heard a presentation from the City Manager about proposed amendments to City Code regarding animals, which included a provision that would limit the number of animals that may be kept or maintained on any property.

At the beginning of last night’s meeting, Mayor Bobby Henderson stated: “I want everyone in the city to know that we as a City Council, we do not support limiting the number of dogs and cats for our residents.  That is going to be something that we’re not interested in and will not be pushing forward.

While City Council will continue to work on general revision to the City Code section dealing with animals to bring it into compliance with Virginia Code, no provision limiting the ownership of dogs or cats will be included in the revision.

AKC GR would like to thank the Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders, the residents of the City of Waynesboro, and all those who took the time to contact Waynesboro City Council members to express their concerns with the limit proposal.

For questions or more information on how you can become involved in issues related to responsible dog ownership, contact AKC Government Relations at