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SB 139 which sought to ban cropping and docking in Illinois, has been amended to remove all substantive language from the bill. It now simply exists as a placeholder or “shell”, should the sponsor choose to revisit the issue later in session.  AKC will continue to monitor this legislation and will update our website if new language is added to the bill.

Although Senate Bill 53 (the breeder regulation bill in the Senate) passed the Senate Licensed Activities Committee, the author has agreed to adopt an amendment on the Senate floor that will remove all language from the bill, rendering it a “shell” bill just like SB 139. 

House 198 (the House version of the breeder regulation bill) passed out of the House Business and Occupational Licenses Committee with an agreement from the sponsor that it will not proceed in its current form, and that any amendment will be sent back to committee for consideration. 

AKC will continue to monitor these important bills and will provide updates if the bills are amended or further hearings are scheduled.

The AKC Government Relations Department was pleased to work with our legislative liaisons to provide legislative alerts and updates, provide background materials and sample letters, and to contact the committee members considering these bills. AKC thanks the Illinois fanciers and responsible dog owners and breeders who spent many days contacting and working with their state representatives and senators regarding these important proposals. Your willingness to work together and to communicate respectfully about your serious concerns with these measures is a major reason they are not moving forward at this time.

SB 139 which sought to ban cropping and docking in Illinois, has been amended to remove all…