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Last night, the Cumberland Town Council indicated its willingness to work with the Providence County Kennel Club’s legislative liaison, Vincent Indeglia, and AKC Government Relations to develop an effective ordinance that monitors the breeding of dogs in town without negatively impacting responsible dog owners and breeders.  The decision has effectively tabled item # 18-22A, the originally proposed breeder permit requirement that would have limited dog breeding to commercially zoned areas of town unless a breeder procured a special permit or face significant $500 fines.

Outgoing councilor Tom Kane agreed to partner with the incoming councilor to continue making improvements to the ordinance in the spirit of it becoming a model for other towns, in hopes of creating policy uniformity across Rhode Island.

The AKC would like to thank Mr. Indeglia, everyone who contacted the council, and the staff for the Town of Cumberland.

AKC Government Relations will share progress on the draft ordinance as it develops.  Click here for more details in our prior legislative alert.  For more information, contact AKC GR at