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The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to report that the Massachusetts Legislature formally adjourned today, and that the House of Representatives did not take up Senate Bill 2994 (formerly Senate Bill 1322) that would have done away with “personal kennel” protections that many purebred dog fanciers in Massachusetts enjoy. The bill is now dead. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ANSWERED OUR URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Members of the House of Representatives heard that the bill was problematic from breeders and dog owners from across the state. Special appreciation is extended to Gale Golden, Framingham District Kennel Club President and AKC Delegate, for her successful grassroots activation efforts.

SUMMARY: AKC issued a July 12 alert urging Massachusetts dog breeders and owners to contact House members and express serious concerns with the anti-breeder “puppies and kittens” bill that was hastily amended and approved by the Senate as S.2994 that would have significantly altered the state’s current protections for owners of “personal kennels”.

Over the course of the Massachusetts legislative session, AKC and Massachusetts advocates met with lawmakers and provided input and expertise on bills touted as addressing injuries and deaths at dog daycare facilities, including S.2994’s predecessor, S.1322.  AKC was concerned that some of the bills would have negatively impacted individual dog owners by placing restrictions on the right to own and keep dogs and imposing duplicative license requirements. However, removing the current law’s protections for owners of personal kennels was never considered before the Senate’s action two weeks ago to release and approve S.1322’s replacement, S.2994, under which most owners of “personal kennels” would have become subject to mandatory municipal licensure and regulation as “breeder kennels”, including inspections of home-based kennels. The bill would also have eliminated the current law’s recognition of keeping dogs for personal, non-commercial use.

PLEASE THANK LEGISLATORS: If you connected with your Massachusetts lawmaker about S. 2994, it is especially important that you now thank them for their support. Recognizing their efforts and establishing a relationship is of great importance for the future, as it is clear that S.2994’s supporters would like to eliminate the “personal kennel” protections enjoyed by so many hobby breeders in Massachusetts in upcoming legislative sessions. Nevertheless, AKC will continue to work with stakeholders to address dog-related concerns with lawmakers, including the original purposes of S.1322.

To find your individual member of the Massachusetts House, to go and enter your street address.

AKC will continue to monitor and provide updates as appropriate. For more information, contact AKC Government Relations at