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Representative Gutierrez’s office has confirmed that HB 1106, the Pet Owner Responsibility Act will not move forward this session. Congratulations to the fanciers and concerned dog owners who took the time to educate their legislators about this important issue.


New Mexico Bill to Make Spay and Neuter Mandatory

[Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Mexico House Bill 1106, known as the Pet Owner Responsibility Act, has been introduced by Representative Gutierrez and has been assigned to the Judiciary and Appropriations & Finance Committees. If this bill is adopted, all dogs six months of age or older must be spayed or neutered. While the bill currently provides exceptions for certain breeders, fanciers, and handlers, the bill would have a profound impact on all dog owners in New Mexico. The Judiciary Committee will consider this bill Friday, February 16, at 1:30PM. It is imperative that concerned dog owners and breeders contact their Representative and the committee members to express their opposition.

The American Kennel Club opposes the concept of breeding permits, breeding bans or mandatory spay/neuter of purebred dogs. Instead, we support reasonable and enforceable laws that protect the welfare and health of purebred dogs and do not restrict the rights of breeders and owners who take their responsibilities seriously. We strongly support and actively promote a wide range of programs to educate the public about responsible breeding practices and the responsibilities of dog ownership.

The proposed law would:

  • Require owners to spay or neuter all dogs six months of age or older.
  • Require owners to apply for an intact dog permit.
  • Provide civil penalties for non-compliance with the Act.
  • Permit localities to impose more restrictive ordinances.


Points to Remember:

  • Responsible owners should be allowed to use their own discretion in determining whether to alter their animals, spay/neuter requirements target all owners regardless of their actions. These breeders make a serious commitment to their animals, working hard to raise healthy, well cared-for dogs and work to ensure that these puppies are placed with responsible owners.
  • Strongly enforced animal control laws (such as leash laws) and increased public education efforts are better ways to address the issue of irresponsible dog ownership.
  • A public education campaign would help teach community residents about how to properly care for their pets, as well as the need to be a responsible pet owner. AKC has free materials available on issues such as housebreaking, obedience training, excessive barking and daily care.
  • The American Kennel Club encourages pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs as a responsible means to prevent accidental breedings resulting in unwanted puppies. The American Kennel Club encourages breeders to discuss spaying and neutering options with puppy buyers who do not wish to participate in conformation events.


What You Can Do:


  • Contact your representative in the New Mexico House of Representatives and let him or her know that you oppose mandatory spay/neuter and HB 1106. To find your Representative, click here.
  • Contact the members of New Mexico House Committee on the Judiciary and the Committee on Appropriations and Finance who will consider this bill:



Representative Al Park, Chair
1840 Dakota NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 986-4411

Representative Joseph Cervantes, Vice Chair
(505) 986-4249

Representative Elias Barela
(505) 986-4254

Representative Gail Chasey
(505) 986-4484

Representative Daniel R. Foley
(505) 986-4758

Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas
(505) 986-4464

Representative W. Ken Martinez
(505) 986-4776

Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm
(505) 986-4453

Representative Mimi Stewart
(505) 986-4840

Representative Thomas E. Swisstack
(505) 986-4254

Representative Gloria C. Vaughn
(505) 986-4453

Representative Eric A. Youngberg
(505) 986-4226

Representative Theresa A. Zanetti
(505) 986-4451



Representative Henry Kiki Saavedra, Chair
2828 2nd Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 986-4316

Representative Luciano “Lucky” Varela, Deputy Chair
(505) 986-4318

Representative Danice Picraux, Vice Chair
(505) 986-4438

Representative Ray Begaye
(505) 986-4436

Representative Richard J. Berry
(505) 986-4454

Representative Donald E. Bratton
(505) 986-4227

Representative Joni Marie Gutierrez
(505) 986-4234

Representative John A. Heaton
(505) 986-4432

Representative Rhonda S. King
(505) 986-4438

Representative Larry A. Larrangaga
(505) 986-4215

Representative Antonio Lujan
(505) 986-4436

Representative Patricia A. Lundstrom
(505) 986-4435

Representative Kathy A. McCoy
(505) 986-4214

Representative Brian K. Moore
(505) 986-4467

Representative Nick L. Salazar
(505) 986-4433

Representative Don L. Tripp
(505) 986-4220

Representative Jeannette O. Wallace
(505) 986-4452

Representative Peter Wirth
(505) 986-4233


For more information, please contact:

Rio Grande Kennel Club
Patte Klecan
(505) 301-1770

AKC Canine Legislation Department
(919) 816-3720

Representative Gutierrez’s office has confirmed that HB 1106, the Pet Owner Responsibility…