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Today, the Utah House Business and Labor Committee decided to table a bill regulating all breeders, pending further discussion and amendments.

House Bill 359 seeks to require a permit for all breeders who sell even one dog in the state.  While some amendments were offered, the committee recognized that many questions still remain. They voted to table the bill pending further discussions.  As lawmakers continue these discussions, they need to hear from responsible breeders like you about the unintended consequences of breeder permits.

AKC thanks the many club members and dog enthusiasts who took the time to contact the committee prior to today’s meeting.  Your voice is making a difference!

We encourage you to again contact the committee.  Please thank them for tabling the bill for further discussion, and continue to ask them to not support breeder permits for hobbyists and home-based breeders.  Talking points and committee contact information may be found in the previous alert.

AKC Government Relations will continue to provide updates as they are available.  For questions, contact AKC GR at