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Last week, Assembly Bill 702, which would have regulated all breeders in the state, was tabled for the year.  It cannot be considered before January 2022.

Once again, we thank all the clubs and breeders who partnered with the AKC to reach out to the author and Assembly Business and Professions Committee members to communicate the many concerns with AB 702.

Over the next several months, AKC will be working with stakeholders and lawmakers to develop reasonable, effective solutions to address any real issues and also educate lawmakers so this onerous measure does not come back next year.

We urge all California AKC clubs and breeders to help us today by doing the following:

  • Thank the Chair and Vice Chair of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee – Let them know you appreciate the time their offices took to listen to concerns of AKC and responsible breeders. Encourage them to work with AKC and breeders in the coming months to develop effective solutions for California dogs.  If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when contacting them:

    Evan Low, Chair (Dist. 28)
    Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2028
    Cupertino District Office: (408) 446-2810
    Contact Form

Heath Flora, Vice Chair (Dist. 12)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2012
Ripon District Office: (209) 599-2112
Contact Form

  • Thank the author for pulling the bill – Ultimately, it was Assemblyman Santiago (author of AB 702) who had the bill pulled from the committee agenda. Thank him for agreeing to pull the bill.  As with the committee leadership, also encourage him to work with AKC and breeders in the coming months to develop effective solutions for California dogs.

    Miguel Santiago (Dist. 53)
    Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2053
    Los Angeles District Office: (213) 620-4646
    Contact Form

  • If you had specific discussions with committee members, thank them – If you had specific meetings or discussions with members of the Business and Professions Committee, reach out to their offices and thank them. Thank them for taking the time to talk with you and let them know you appreciate that AB 702 was pulled from consideration.
  • Consider how to support your local shelters and breed rescues – and communicate your efforts with AKC GR – Much of the discussion regarding AB 702 centered around shelters and rescues and helping dogs in need of a home. In addition, shelters received significant criticism from animal rights activists for opposing AB 702 and stating that they recognize that regulating responsible breeders and hobbyists is not the right solution for California.  They also expressed concerns over continued budget cuts and the ability to enforce laws to protect and help dogs in their communities.

    This is an excellent opportunity for local clubs to consider how you can help support your local shelter with time, resources, and donations.  Reach out and ask them how you can best help.  In addition, continue to support your breed club rescues.  Be sure to share these efforts with your local and state lawmakers to they can know first-hand the good things your club are doing for dogs in your community.

    As you work with your rescues and local shelters, please also communicate your efforts with AKC Government Relations at  This will be helpful as we communicate the value of local clubs and breeders, and will also help us understand what issues you are seeing – and successes – to give us a true picture of what is happening in California communities.

AKC Government Relations again thanks all the breeders and clubs who worked so hard to ensure this important victory for California dogs and breeders this year.  We will continue to keep you posted on how you can continue to work with us on this important issue.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at