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An extremely problematic proposed animal ordinance that would trample the due process rights of animal owners, require licensing and inspection of every person who sells or transfers a dog or cat, and that contains numerous additional overreaching provisions will be voted on by the St. Landry Parish Council on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 6:00pm.

A very brief public hearing will be held immediately before the council meeting. Concerned animal owners are urged to attend the public hearing and state their opposition to the proposed animal ordinance.

Take Action Today:

Immediately contact parish council members and ask them to VOTE NO on the proposed animal ordinance. Scroll down for email addresses.

Attend the public hearing on Wednesday to express opposition to proposed ordinance 2022.016. Sign in to speak beginning at 5:00pm. Only those who are present and signed in will be recognized. The animal ordinance is on the Public Hearing agenda at 5:45pm, and is immediately followed by the St. Landry Parish council meeting at 6:00pm. Check the parish website for meeting and ordinance updates.

Public Hearing

November 16, 2022, 5:30pm (sign in starts at 5:00pm)
Old City Market, 131 W. Bellevue Street, Opelousas, LA 70570

Concerns and Talking Points:

News stories report that St. Landry Parish recently hired two new animal control agents. Residents should remind their council members that improved enforcement of existing local animal laws and Louisiana’s state animal cruelty, animal fighting, dangerous dog, and rabies control laws will have an immediate positive impact on the lives of animals. This is a better solution than enacting vague and overreaching new ordinances that conflict with state law, create hardships for residents who wish to transfer ownership of a cat or dog, ignore basic due process rights, and grant unwarranted and unilateral powers to the animal control director and parish president.

For additional concerns, talking points, and resources, view this recent legislative alert.

Email addresses for St. Landry Parish Council Members: (ordinance sponsor)

For additional information, please contact American Kennel Club Government Relations at