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On Tuesday, April 10, the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee will be taking testimony on a bill that will declare the Labrador Retriever the State Dog of Ohio.

State Representative Jeffrey Rezabek, himself a Lab owner, said that he chose the Labrador Retriever because he felt that the breed “reflects the state’s passion for sports and the work ethic that defines its communities.”  The Lab is also the most popular breed in the state.

Read AKC’s blog for more information on House Bill 539.  AKC supports this bill, which will make Ohio the 11th state to designate a purpose-bred dog as its state dog.

Some animal rights groups, however, are publicly opposing this measure, and AKC encourages Ohio dog owners, or those who participate in events in Ohio, to do the following:

  • Attend the April 10 committee hearing and express your support for House Bill 539:

    Ohio House State and Local Government Committee
    Tuesday, April 10
    2:00 pm
    Ohio Statehouse, Room 17
    Columbus, Ohio

    If you plan to attend, please notify the sponsor Rep. Rezabek’s office at

  • Contact the committee and express your support for House Bill 539. Please also send a copy of your letter to Rep. Rezabek’s office at so they can submit it as official testimony.  This must be submitted by the afternoon of Monday, April 9 to be a part of official written testimony.

    The committee contact information is as follows:

    Marlene Anielski, Chair
    (614) 644-6041
    Email Form

    Rep. Stephen Hambley, Vice Chair
    (614) 466-8140
    Email Form

    Rep. Glenn Holmes, Ranking Member
    (614) 466-3488
    Email Form

    Rep. Steven Arndt
    Email Form

    Rep. Michael Ashford
    (614) 466-1401
    Email Form

    Rep. John Becker
    (614) 466-8134
    Email Form

    Rep. Janine Boyd
    (614) 644-5079
    Email Form

    Rep. Richard Brown
    (614) 644-6002
    Email Form

    Rep. Rick Carfagna
    (614) 466-1431
    Email Form

    Rep. Bill Dean
    (614) 466-1470
    Email Form

    Rep. Brian Hill
    (614) 644-6014
    Email Form

    Rep. James Hoops
    (614) 466-3760
    Email Form

    Rep. Michael O’Brien
    (614) 466-5358
    Email Form

    Rep. Rick Perales
    (614) 644-6020
    Email Form

    Rep. Scott Ryan
    (614) 466-1482
    Email Form

AKC Government Relations will continue to provide updates on this bill.  For more information, contact AKC GR at